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Research and innovation

We want to know your needs

Enhancing and making more efficient your production processes and your business, we enhance RITE. So, when our clients talk with us about their needs and theirs ideas, we are glad to listen to them and to do our best to find a solution.

If you are searching for a partner in the realization of customized solutions for your textile productions, you are searching for RITE.

Our Process of Development

1. Listening to your needs

In most cases, the process of development of our solutions starts with the interaction between RITE and its clients.

It’s listening to their needs and specific requests that we are able to envision new technologies and to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation in the field of machineries for the textile industry. In that sense, RITE is a real partner for its clients in the realization of customized solutions.

2. Setting up the best solution

Once the need of the client has been analyzed and perfectly understood, a solution is set up by our engineering department.

Then the prototype solution is evaluated into the production environment, and the new technology undergoes a continuous testing-and-upgrading process till we are thoroughly satisfied with its performance. This is why we are always sure to offer the best possible solutions to our clients.

3. From draft to catalogue

Finally, the “customized” solutions enters the standard production process, so that all the other clients can benefit from that single innovation.

This is why our Product Catalogue is constantly updated, and our Research and Innovation process is something that makes the difference with our competitors: thanks to our approach of partnership with our¬†clients, RITE is able to always be “a step ahead”.