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Our History

RITE: the early years

RITE S.p.a. was established in 1964 by Mr. Mario Pizzinato and started its activities producing components, for textile machines, as a third-party producer.

At the beginning of the seventies the production of assembly winders and cone-to-cone machines begins; through the eighties and nineties, the product range is enlarged introducing singeing and hank-to-cone machines, and RITE becomes one of the main Italian producers of technologies for the textile industry.

2000-2015, RITE as a global provider

In 2002 RITE acquires the trade mark Zerbo which is  known all over the world for reeling machines. In 2007, thanks to an experienced technical team with a wide knowledge and competence in the specific field, RITE starts the production of mercerizing machines for cotton yarn. In 2011 the Re-Flex range can boast a great international affirmation. Last but not least, in 2015 RITE, according to its innovative approach, introduces a new solutions for an electronic yarn guide.

The all-in-one solution by RITE

The history of RITE testifies the will of the company to provide a complete proposal of technologies for the treatment of the yarn, and to be recognized in the textile market as the only brand capable to guarantee to its clients, operating in the textile industry, a global solution with high-tech value and high-reliability at the same time. A mission that RITE has been carrying forward for more than 50 years.

People beyond technology

RITE stands not only for customized solutions and global technologies for the textile industry, bur also for people that is able to offer consultancy during the whole life-cycle of the machine, from the initial set up to the providing of spare parts and assistance during operations. A team that has constantly been growing up since 1964, to represent the best answer to the clients’ needs.